A John Rescued Her From Sex Trafficking At The Age Of 13

May 29, 2019 | by Kristal Knudtson

Sheena, age 13, was at a friend’s house with a few other girls when a man came into the house and took only her. She did not know him and he did not know her, but the red flags were there and he now had another victim of sex trafficking. He brought her to a house where several different men frequented daily.  These men are called “Johns”. She was held captive at this house for 3 months when a John felt bad for what he was doing, and he saved her.

Sheena is in our Pathway of Hope program currently. Here, she is working towards making sense of what happened, and leaning the life skills and tools to cope on from a day to day basis.

If you are unsure what you can do about sex trafficking, check out below:

  1. Educating yourself
  2. Attending more presentations or events
  3. Share information in your community
  4. Follow anti-trafficking organization on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  5. Know the red flags
  6. Advocate
  7. Report
  8. Volunteer/Donate

To find information on the above points, click here.

Also, check out the Others Program owned by The Salvation Army. It is where they take women out of situations like this and train them to do trades.  They make bags, crafts, etc. (shop here to support).

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