Lynn’s Story - Finding a Way Out

Jul 25, 2019

There was a sign outside the house where we got arrested, and where the drugs were, that said ‘Closed Alley,’ and that’s how my life was,” recalled Lynn of her darkest days.

“I didn’t have a way out and didn’t see the way out, because the drugs took over.”

Lynn’s life derailed when she started abusing prescription drugs and began associating with addicts. It led to time in jail and nearly killed her.

“I could have died, but God said to me, ‘I have something else for you to do,’” said Lynn, who connected with The Salvation Army in Warsaw, Ind., when Corps Officers Lts. Esteban and Karen Pommier ministered to her family in the aftermath of a house fire and her arrest. After being put on work release, she enrolled in Pathway of Hope and began attending the Warsaw Corps’ Sunday services. With the help of staff member Ken Locke, she set achievable goals and began to turn her life around.

Lynn also participated in corps activities and met with Lt. Karen Pommier to talk about her spiritual life. In November 2013 she rededicated her life to Christ and last May was enrolled as a soldier.

“When it comes to Pathway of Hope we want to go beyond case management,” said Lt. Esteban. “We are making friends, building relationships and ultimately connecting people to the real hope, which is Jesus.”

Lynn is grateful to have a second chance at life, not only as a functioning member of society and leader of women’s ministries at the corps, but as a child of God.

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