Love Beyond

Feb 14, 2022

Love beyond layoffs.

Love beyond despair and loneliness.

Love beyond cold nights, overdue bills, and skipped meals.

Love beyond measure.

For 156 years, The Salvation Army has been loving all who feel lost. This Valentine's Day, we encourage Hoosiers to join us in our cause to help suffering humanity and love beyond the moment, beyond the barriers, and beyond our differences.

During the holidays, it's easy to see how love can put a present under the Christmas tree for a child in need or a hot meal on the table of a struggling family. But The Salvation Army doesn't stop serving when the decorations and lights come down. For thousands of Hoosier families, The Salvation Army is their lifeline during their hardest days - no matter the season.

For these families, it may take just one surprise medical bill or missed paycheck to put them in danger of losing their home. They are struggling to overcome the daily challenges of living in poverty or with the consequences of a long and drawn-out pandemic. Addiction, depression, and homelessness plague too many of our communities, but we are on the front lines every day doing all we can to save lives and change outcomes for the better. 

The Salvation Army's food, shelter, and emergency assistance programs help to keep our neighbors in need going through tough times. Often they need more than help with a utility bill; they need compassion and a listening ear. Others need a shoulder to cry on and a partner in prayer. What every the need, we are dedicated to being that light in their lives and sharing the love of God with all who suffer.

Children are especially in need of this unconditional and everlasting love. Through afterschool activities, summer camps, music lessons, sports leagues, and character building programs The Salvation Army is ensuring that children across Indiana have safe and enriching opportunities to learn and grow. That love echoes through the years and will have a lasting impact on future generations of Hoosiers.

We welcome you to join us this year as we explore how The Salvation Army is finding ways to love beyond the daily struggles of Hoosiers and create a better world for us all.

Thank you, and God bless you!

"Above all, love." - 1 Peter 4:8

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