Mike Finds Respite Care and Graduates The Salvation Army Harbor House

May 17, 2021

This last Winter, the staff at Mercy Hospital referred Mike to our Respite Care program, which is located at the Salvation Army Harbor House men’s shelter. Struggling with his diabetes and the loss of both of his legs he needed moral, emotional, and physical support as he began to heal.

Our Respite Care program is just the place Mike needed.

This program, a partnership with Cox Health and Mercy Hospital provides a safe, clean, and supportive environment for homeless patients to come to from either hospital who are ready to be discharged, but who only have the streets to go to.  While with us, we provide a warm bed, meals, and case management assistance as they work with their medical advisors to heal.

Mike began attending his physical therapy classes each week and was quickly approved for his prosthetic legs, making significant progress within a relatively short time.

He also chose to regularly attend our Celebrate Recovery class provided by our staff at the Harbor House. Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, twelve-step, eight-principle program of recovery that is designed to help people reconnect with God and heal from past hurt and pain. Mike often stated that he found great emotional support during these classes.

After his stay in our Respite Care program was over, he enrolled in our main Harbor House program, working with our on-site Case Manager to connect him with additional resources, including housing. Not only did Mike work on helping himself, but he also proved to be a valuable resource as he helped to provide support and a friendly welcome to new residents entering the Harbor House.

Ninety days after enrolling in our program, Mike was set to graduate and was excited to receive his graduation certificate. Before leaving the Harbor House Mike was able to walk unassisted and found housing within his income level. When he left the program, he could not have shown more gratitude to everyone at the Salvation Army for all of their support.

We were blessed to have an opportunity to serve Mike, and we continue to pray God’s blessings on his future!

To help support more individuals like Mike please visit us at https://donate.stlsalvationarmy.org/ozarksfirst


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