Summer is Here, and That Means it’s Time for Summer Camp.

Jun 26, 2023

Summer camp holds a special place in the hearts of children and parents alike. It’s a time for adventure, growth, and forging lifelong memories. By stepping away from the television, phones, and video games, kids can discover new passions, build lasting friendships, and develop essential life skills.

Day camp started with excitement at The Salvation Army Oakbrook Terrace Corps on June 12th. With 130 kids registered, there’s no shortage of camaraderie, and many lifelong friendships are forged. Days are filled with play, arts and crafts, STEM learning, music classes, Bible study, and field trips.

Camp brings together children from diverse backgrounds and provides a unique opportunity for social interaction. Through teamwork, cooperation, and shared experiences, campers learn to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and appreciate diversity. The friendships formed at camp often endure long after the season ends, offering a sense of belonging and a support network that can last a lifetime.

Running for over 40 years, Oakbrook Terrace Summer Day Camp has become a generational experience. Some current campers have parents that participated in the same camps place decades earlier.

The seven-week camp runs June through July for children ages 4 through 13. Pre- and post-extended care is also offered for working families.

“Many of these kids would be home alone if we were not here,” Cathleen Himes, Oakbrook Terrace Resource Development Director, said.

For 60-80% of participants, scholarship aid is available, allowing more kids to experience the joy and fun of summer day camp.

Summer camp offers a much-needed break from the constant digital stimulation children are exposed to daily. Children can rejuvenate their minds and foster mental well-being by disconnecting from screens and engaging in physical and social activities.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, camp is held at the Oakbrook Terrace Corps Center, where Bible lessons, crafts, music and drama, STEM activities, recreation time, and so much more fill the day. On Wednesdays and Fridays, the kids pack the bus and head out for a field trip, including Friday swim days.

But this is more than just a fun-filled adventure; it is a transformative experience that nurtures personal growth, independence, and lifelong skills. By building resilience, fostering social connections, and promoting creativity, summer camp unlocks the magic within every child, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

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