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"Like" Family for Residents

Booth Manor provides seniors with a supportive community.

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Finding Community Later in Life

Situated on the beautiful Loring Park in Minneapolis, Booth Manor offers one-bedroom apartments to seniors and a pleasant community to grow and engage with.

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Booth Manor is it's own community

“We love our residents, we’re just a big family,” said Major Brenda Pittman, the Salvation Army officer in charge of Booth Manor. “Here, if someone is sick, people care. If we haven’t seen someone for a couple of days, let’s go find them, we miss them and want to know they’re okay.”

Providing Housing Options for Seniors

Built in 1977, our facility has been filling an important local need for affordable senior housing for nearly 40 years. About two-thirds of Booth Manor residents are subsidized by HUD or other assistance programs, while the remaining third pay the market rate of less than $600 per month.

A Melting Pot of Cultures

Nearly a third of Booth Manor's residents are Russian speaking. It’s a true melting pot of people from all walks of life, with many saying there is no place else they’d rather be.

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