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Keeping the Lights On

Energy assistance is a blessing to those who are forced to choose between rent and utilities.

Utility Assistance

During a long, cold winter, your heat bill swells and you receive a notice from your energy provider that all utilities will be disconnected unless you can pay the overdue balance. Or, maybe a job loss forced you to choose between paying rent or paying your electric bill. You chose rent and just received an electric shut off notice. We can help.

HeatShare Program
Our HeatShare program is offered at most Salvation Army centers in Minnesota and can pay your utility bill once you have a shut-off notice in hand. Call the HeatShare hotline at 1-800-842-7279 for immediate help. Find out if you qualify and get HeatShare program details.

Gas Affordability Program
The Salvation Army is an administrator for the Gas Affordability Program (GAP) that provides qualifying customers of Minnesota utility companies with gas bill assistance. View the GAP program details and get help.

Rent Assistance
When you don’t know where the money for your next rent payment is coming from, check with your local service center to see if funding is available for rent assistance. This type of funding ebbs and flows, but if we can help, we will.

Transportation Assistance
An unexpected accident totaled your car that was supposed to last five more years, or you’ve lost your job and money is too tight for the tank of gas needed to get to a job interview. The scenarios vary, but one constant is that The Salvation Army is there to help. We can provide bus cards and gas money. To request transportation assistance, schedule an appointment at your local service center.

To inquire about utility assistance in Duluth, please call 218-722-7934.