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Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty.

Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty.

The Salvation Army operates hundreds of after-school programs in neighborhoods across the country.

By the end of the 4th grade, African-American, Latino and
low-income students are already two years behind grade level.

By the time they reach the 12th grade, the same kids are four years behind.

The Salvation Army has more than 400 after school programs in the United States.

The Salvation Army gives children throughout the Rockford/Winnebago County area a safe haven to complete homework, play sports, learn music, gain new skills and nurture their talents. The programs also provide mentorship. Many youth who participate in these programs would not otherwise have access to such opportunities.

Give a kid a better chance. You can help.

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The Salvation Army empowers youth in our community through:

After-School Programs

The Salvation Army provides after-school programming to give youth and teens a safe place to complete homework, learn new skills and relax with their friends. The program offers tutoring, mentoring, life skills programming in seven languages, exercise, and work in a computer lab.

Character-Building & Mentoring Programs

Weekly scout-style and mentoring programs are offered at our Corps Community Centers and designed to support youth and teens as they navigate their world and grow into adulthood. Topics addressed can include bullying, peer pressure, making a positive impact on the community, family life, and more.

Teen Center

In partnership with the YMCA of Rock River Valley, the Teen Center at The Salvation Army Rockford Tabernacle Corps Community Center provides a safe environment for middle school and high school students to participate in intramural sports, visit with friends, and learn positive life skills.

Recreational, Sports & Fitness Programs

Sports, recreation and fitness programs help kids learn the value of health, physical activity and teamwork. Archery classes take place on Wednesday evenings at The Salvation Army Rockford Temple Corps Community Center.

Music, Visual and Dramatic Arts Education

The Salvation Army is the largest music educator in the world, with offerings in brass, vocal, guitar, drums and more. It is important to provide additional creative outlets for youth, teens and adults to share their experiences, hopes, dreams and fears. Classes for youth are offered on Wednesdays at the Rockford Temple Corps Community Center.


Wonderland Camp provides week-long summer camp options for youth, teens and seniors with a different theme each week. We also host day camps during school breaks and the summer.

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followers to educate and inspire change.

Children in poverty have greater learning challenges.

Children who live below the poverty line are 1.3 times more likely to develop mental delays or learning disabilities than those who don't live in poverty.

The Salvation Army Head Start and Early Head Start programs give kids a good foundation for life-long learning. Keep a child in school.


Arts education and activities
improve school performance
and test-taking skills.

The Salvation Army is the largest music educator in the world, with offerings in brass, vocal, guitar, drums and more.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you help provide youth, teen and adults opportunities to expand their creativity with music, visual and dramatic arts classes.Help a child learn.


Lack of education leads to
lack of income.

31% of young adults without a high school diploma currently live in poverty.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you provide funding for programs that help support kids' educational needs. Help a kid succeed.


Give now. Change lives forever.


The Salvation Army is here
to help more kids learn more things.

Watch how we help ensure that kids in every community get the educational opportunities they deserve.

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