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This year the need is greater for those facing poverty, hunger and job loss.

But, you can give hope when you help rescue Christmas for those in need.

This year, millions of Americans have been impacted by COVID-19 and are experiencing unprecedented need. The Salvation Army has responded, and will continue to respond, in order to serve the evolving needs of the most vulnerable. As we look ahead to the holiday season, we know the need will only continue to grow, as will the need for financial support.

With more people facing hardship this year, the need to serve those most vulnerable is greater than ever.

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Stories across the Midwest

Rest for the Weary

Facing homelessness with her two daughters, Letitia found shelter for her and her two daughters at Salvation Army's Family Shelter and Women's Residential Services in Detroit, Michigan.

“After the fire, I didn’t have anybody. The Salvation Army was a lifesaver for us.”

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The Help She Never Thought She'd Need

She was a successful therapist finishing up her doctoral studies in Chicago, physically active and healthy. But a series of events beyond her control – an injury and the coronavirus – led her to do something she never thought she’d have to – seek help from The Salvation Army.

“To me, The Salvation Army means survival.”

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Always Here To Help

The Johnson County Red Shield Center (Indiana) assisted David in finding housing when he began a new job after several months of unemployment. Continued support from the Red Shield Center ensured a roof over his head.

"I can’t say thank you enough to the Johnson County Red Shield Center for helping me when no one else would.”

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More Stories

This year, millions of Americans have been impacted by COVID-19 and are experiencing unprecedented need.

The need is greater than ever.

Individuals and families across the Midwest have experience additional hardships as a result of COVID-19:

  • Nearly half of low-income Americans report that they or someone in their household has experienced some sort of income loss1. We are serving a new population of families who have never needed us before.
  • With unemployment rates expected to be between 10 to 11%2, millions of parents will be looking for work come Christmastime.
  • With 32% of Americans owing money for missed rent or mortgage payments, we anticipate a substantial increase in requests for emergency financial help such as rent/mortgage, utility, and food assistance.3
  • An estimated 30-40 million people in America are at risk of eviction.4

In these trying times, more people than ever before need hope and healing. To date, more than 800,000 people have received emotional and spiritual care from our trained professionals.

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Our ability to raise vital funds to serve those in need is at risk this year.

This year, we could see up to a 50% decrease in funds raised through the iconic Red Kettles due to the following reasons caused by COVID-19:

  • Disruptions to our normal fundraising and revenue streams have left us significantly impacted.
  • Closing of retail stores
  • 62% of consumers are carrying less cash and coins1
  • Less foot traffic in/at stores
  • Unemployment rate increasing

Many places across the country where more than 30,000 Red Kettles are typically put out may no longer be open. Additionally, cancelled fundraising events and market volatility elevate the need for public support in order for The Salvation Army to meet the growing need at Christmas and in 2021.

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Although these challenges are unprecedented, The Salvation Army is committed to providing hope to those who need it this Christmas and beyond.

Thousands of people across the Midwest already rely on the generous donations given in their community, and we want to be able to continue helping them. It will take all of us to do it.

Economic pressures will force millions of parents to choose between things like rent or utilities and buying Christmas presents.

The Salvation Army is working hard to develop creative ways and partnerships that support the most vulnerable in our communities.

We are evolving services in response to COVID-19 to meet the unique needs of each community. This includes drive-through food pickups, communitybased food delivery through canteens, and meals at The Salvation Army.

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