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This year the need is greater for those facing poverty, hunger and job loss.

But, you can give hope when you help rescue Christmas for those in need.

Millions of Americans are still experiencing the ongoing impacts of the pandemic as they struggle to recover and stay in their homes. The Salvation Army remains on the frontlines of need to ensure Hope Marches On this holiday season.

With more people facing hardship this year, the need to serve those most vulnerable is greater than ever.

The best way to ensure that services continue is to enlist in Love’s Army with a sustaining monthly gift.

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Stories across the Midwest

Rest for the Weary

Facing homelessness with her two daughters, Letitia found shelter for her and her two daughters at Salvation Army's Family Shelter and Women's Residential Services in Detroit, Michigan.

“After the fire, I didn’t have anybody. The Salvation Army was a lifesaver for us.”

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The Help She Never Thought She'd Need

She was a successful therapist finishing up her doctoral studies in Chicago, physically active and healthy. But a series of events beyond her control – an injury and the coronavirus – led her to do something she never thought she’d have to – seek help from The Salvation Army.

“To me, The Salvation Army means survival.”

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Always Here To Help

The Johnson County Red Shield Center (Indiana) assisted David in finding housing when he began a new job after several months of unemployment. Continued support from the Red Shield Center ensured a roof over his head.

"I can’t say thank you enough to the Johnson County Red Shield Center for helping me when no one else would.”

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More Stories

The Salvation Army is now serving a new population of families who have never needed us before.

The need is greater than ever.

As of August 16, roughly 1.2 million Americans said they are very likely to face eviction over the next two months because of non-payment. Although the federal government has allocated $47 billion in emergency rental assistance, distribution has been slow and uneven across the country, which compounds concerns that families could be evicted before relief arrives. The following statistics are staggering:

  • 63% of Americans have been living paycheck to paycheck since the pandemic began.
  • 15% of home renters are behind on housing payments and may face eviction. Nearly 89% of rental assistance funds have not been distributed to support them.
  • 17 million people are food insecure.
  • The highest number of U.S. overdoses in a single year occurred in 2020.
Our ability to raise vital funds to serve those in need is at risk this year.

The Salvation Army is now serving a new population of families who have never needed us before. Although the request for assistance is greater than ever, so is the opportunity to make a difference. It’s the reason we started our “Hope Marches On” campaign 100 days before Christmas. It allows maximum time and opportunities to raise funds that will provide for the health and well-being of our neighbors who are struggling.

We are relying on the generous public to help purchase Christmas gifts through our Angel Tree program, put food on the table, pay bills, and provide shelter for those without a home. The Salvation Army is estimating $175 million needs to be raised—almost 50% more than raised through Red Kettles in 2020—to keep Americans in their homes this holiday season.

Although these challenges are unprecedented, The Salvation Army is committed to providing hope to those who need it this Christmas and beyond.

As the nation’s largest private provider of social services, we continue working to give help and hope to the clients we serve. For many individuals and their families, the immediate future remains uncertain, and they may not be able to celebrate Christmas this year.

We are evolving services to meet the unique needs of each community. This includes drive-through food pickups, community-based food delivery through canteens, and meals at The Salvation Army.

Consider how you could help your neighbors in need this Christmas season and bring hope to your community.

Need help Brightening the Holidays?

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