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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Equipping Families with a Pathway of HOPE Image

Equipping Families with a Pathway of HOPE

Pathway of Hope breaks the chains of intergenerational poverty.

Ready for Change?

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What is Pathway of Hope?

From our Caseworker:

"Pathway of Hope is a long-term, individualized, client-based program. We meet clients where they are and allow them to set the goals they want to accomplish. Clients meet one-on-one with their case manager and discuss goals they find the most important. They get to set their own standard of success, and not have someone telling them what to do and how to do it, unless they want the help.

Goals can range from small to large, short-term to long-term, and in any area of their life that they are seeking growth. We can focus on budgeting, parenting skills, general life skills, healthy lifestyles, resource connecting and so much more. Our clients are offered motivation, guidance, and encouragement along the way. We are flexible! Goals sometimes change, life is not a static moving machine. Things change, people grow, and therefore so do our goals! We work together as a team to accomplish the goals and achieve self-sufficiency for our clients and leading to a successful "graduation" from the Pathway of Hope program!

Beyond our program, we can connect clients with resources outside of The Salvation Army and grow their resources. We connect clients with job training, legal aid, childcare, health services, and housing opportunities as they continue on their life journey in the future.

Lastly, this program offers a place to grow in faith by creating a safe and non-judgmental environment for clients to ask questions, grow in knowledge, and heal from past wounds. The client sets the expectations, and case managers offer spiritual resources to increase their hope and practical application of their faith in everyday life. Overall, this holistic approach is an opportunity to break the cycle of generational poverty and improve the family's future beyond physical needs.

It changes lives, one goal at a time"


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The Pathway of Hope Approach Includes:


Catalyzing community collaboration in service of shared clients

Moving families from crises and vulnerability to stability and eventually self-sufficiency, tracking family progress along the way

  Bringing all The Salvation Army’s internal resources to bear, aligned to the goals of clients

Focus on hope as a measured outcome, which represents the distinctly relational, spiritual outcome that The Salvation Army seeks in the work it does

Strengths-based case management services
What Does the Approach Involve?

Caring today for your family’s needs, while building a strong future can be challenging. The Salvation Army team will walk alongside you on your family’s journey:

Mapping it out
Meet with a caseworker to develop your personalized action plan. YOU choose the goals you want to work towards

Staying on track
Chart your progress and see your success with your dedicated case worker on a regular basis.

Passing the six month mile marker
See where you are at six months and decide what’s next on your journey.

Looking ahead
Celebrate your successes. Adjust any further goals. Encourage others.

Resources and Connections

Through your involvement with Pathway of Hope, you’ll be introduced to both Salvation Army and other services that are available within your community which offer:

  • A network of support
  • A sense of community
  • Holistic programs
  • Spiritual guidance

Service Connector to:

  • Job training
  • Health services
  • Childcare and education
  • Housing options
  • Legal services
  • And much more...

"Taking part in Pathway of Hope has helped me improve my parenting, and helped me move from barely paying bills, to building my own savings account."

How do I qualify?

You must have a child in your care under the age of 18.
Pathway of Hope is focused on breaking families out of the cycle of generational poverty. our goal is that by equipping you to overcome, your children will be inspired to overcome as well

You must be ready to CHANGE
You must be open to change and adjustment. Understanding that "the way you/your family have always done things" isn't helping you accomplish your goals or breakdown barriers.

You must be ready to put in the work
Any kind of change or growth takes a lot of work. We don't exercise expecting it to be easy, we shouldn't expect changing other aspects of our life to be easy either.
As a Pathway of Hope client you will meet regularly with a case worker 1 on 1 to work together towards your goals.

Is being in Pathway of Hope worth it?
Here are some current program clients' successes...
  • Obtained new job opportunities offering paid benefits and training
  • Moved from "barely paying bills" to building savings accounts
  • Improved parenting skills and handling their children's actions
  • Improved healthy boundaries, lifestyles, and relationships.
  • Improved spiritual health, understanding and healing


This program was funded in part by a grant from the CenterPoint Energy Company Foundation. The CenterPoint Energy Foundation strives to become a community catalyst in the communities where we live and work, leveraging everyday opportunities to achieve extraordinary outcomes. The CenterPoint Energy Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization funded by non-utility related transactions and is not an element of customers’ energy bills. Go to to learn more