Middle School After School Program
For Royal Oak Middle School Students

You can register in our main office

Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30pm. 

After school can be a tough time for Middle School students. Students can either get involved in an after school activity or search for something to do, often ending up playing video games, watching tv, or just being bored. Our After School Program offers an alternative. We pick kids up from Royal Oak Middle School and take them to The Salvation Army Community Center. While there, they receive a delicious snack, tutoring & homework help, stuctured activities and some time just for hanging out in a safe supervised environment.

For a more detailed description or if you have any further questions feel free to call Melanie at (248) 585-5600 x225 or email her at melanie_mowers@usc.salvationarmy.org.


What is it?
It's basically a tutoring and latchkey program for Middle School Students. This program will bus students from Royal Oak Middle School to the SAL Community Center located at 3015 N. Main (2 blocks south of 13 mile). Once at the community center the kids will enjoy a meal, tutoring and structured/supervised activities from 3pm-6pm or until they can be picked up by their parents.
Can my children only ride the bus?
No. The transportation of the student is included for those participating in the program itself.
Do we have to sign up for the whole year?
No. You only sign up, and pay, for the months that you need.
How much does it cost?
The cost of the program is based on how many school days are in the month. The program will NOT be open if Royal Oak Schools are closed. On ½ Days we will pick the students up when school gets out at no additional cost.  See the registration form below for monthly fees.
What if I'm running late?
In the event that a child gets picked up after 6pm, the SAL will charge $1 per minute until the child is picked up. This "fine" will need to be paid before the child attends the next day.
Where do I pick my child up from?
The Salvation Army is on Main St. (2 blocks south of 13 mile). The After School Program is run out of the Community Center located on the north side of the building. There is a green awning with "The SAL" on it. Come on in there.
How do I register?
Register from 8:30am- Noon and 1pm-6:00pm. Your son or daughter's FIRST and LAST months fees will be paid at registration. All other months will be paid on the 1st of that month (or next business day if the 1st falls on a weekend). Registration will continue until we have hit our maximum capacity.
Can I pull out of the program if it does not work for me?
Yes. The Royal Oak Salvation Army will need WRITTEN notice informing us of the change no less than 30 days prior to the cancellation or all deposits will be forfeited.
I thought the Salvation Army was a church. Will there be a religious component with the program?
Yes and No. The Salvation Army is a church and there will be posters, materials and information throughout the building that would normally be found in a church. However, the programs and activities, such as recreational games, tutoring, etc. will serve the purpose for which they were established. There will be areas that students, if they choose, can get involved in activities that have a faith-based component such as Girl Guards (Salvation Army's version of Girl Scouts), Rangers (SAL's version of Boy Scouts) or if they would like to get involved in our Church Youth Group, that will be available as well.
How well supervised with the program be?
The program will run at a 10-1 student to staff ratio. All staff will have gone through a 3 tier background check, CPR certification and First-Aid Training (all Red Cross certified). Tutors will be from the surrounding colleges as part of a work study program.
Is there a Code of Conduct or Student Handbook my child and I should be made aware of?
The SAL will follow the code of conduct that the Royal Oak schools follow. Example: If a child is not allowed to wear certain clothes at school, they can not wear those clothes at the SAL. The same goes for bullying, profanity, vandalism, etc...
Will my student be made aware of such policies?
The students will go through an orientation for the program, as a group the first day of the program. Any students joining after that will have the same orientation as soon as schedules allow.
Will they work on homework?
Counselors and staff will help your child complete homework assignments, check planners and communicate with parents about larger school assignments. We will have some text books from the school for students to use. Our staff likes to be able to check the students Mystar accounts with permission from parents.
What if my child is absent?
PLEASE call the SAL's main office at 248.585.5600 as soon as you know your child will not be coming. This makes pick up from the middle school easier.

Email List

Please give us an email account or phone/txt number that is readily checked in case of an emergency or other information that needs to be sent out in a timely manner.



For more info call Melanie Mowers at 248-585-5600 x225 or email at melanie_mowers@usc.salvationarmy.org