If you are looking for a place to volunteer, we would love to have you. Please visit our volunteer website and partner with us in making a difference in Royal Oak and the surrounding cities. The sign up process will take a few minutes, but will go a long way in helping us find the perfect place for you to help us help our community. Once you have completed the sign up process, please contact us during office hours at (248)585-5600 to find out what our current needs are.

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Ministries Available all Year

Social Service Internships are available.
Community Care Ministries - Emergency Disaster Services (EDS)

Social Service Seasonal Events

Please remember to sign up before these important dates.

11/06/2013 - 11/07/2013 Christmas and Thankgiving Registration
This is a two day event in which staff and volunteers will register individuals and families that are in need of Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance. Volunteers that are fluent in Russian or Arabic languages would be a wonderful bonus. Some of the Salvation Army client's do not speak English, and an interpretter would be a wonderful asset, but this is not a requirement.
11/08/2013 - 12/24/2013 Red Kettle Stand Bell RingingPersonal fundraising widget for 2008 Red Kettle campaign
Please assist us in this year round task by volunteering any time you can during the five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas at one of our Red Kettle stands.
11/25/2013 - 11/26/2013 Thanksgiving Distribution
Volunteers are needed to load the Thanksgiving food box into the client's vehicle. It is important to note that all boxes must be carried by the volunteer and placed into the vehicle by the volunteer, not the client. The Salvation Army must ensure that no heavy lifting by the client is done on the Salvation Army premises.
To Be Determinted -- "Fill the Truck" Event at Troy Walmart
This is an all-day, SATURDAY event. The Royal Oak Salvation Army is in need of volunteers to help the Social Service staff "stuff" Christmas toys and gifts onto our Salvation Army truck. The event is scheduled for .
12/13/2013 Christmas Shop Set-Up
Volunteers are needed to help create a combined atmosphere of "Christmastime" and a department store. 1,000 families will receive Christmas assistance from the Royal Oak Corps this year, and volunteers are needed to help set-up the area in which the clients will be serviced.
12/17/2013 - 12/19/2013 Christmas Distribtion
During Christmas Distribution, we need individuals to work as "personal shoppers." A personal shopper is an individual that helps clients to find the most appropriate Christmas presents, clothing, and stocking stuffers for each child in the household. This is a hand's-on job which allows the volunteer to work one-on-one with clients. Also needed are individuals to greet clients as they enter the building and spread Christmas cheer.
12/20/2013 Christmas Shop Tear-Down
Once the Christmas Shop distrubtion has ended, typically there are many toys and clothes that are left over and are in need of storage. Volunteers are needed to repack toys and clothing to store away until next year's program.  If the work is not completed in one day, then 12/23/2013 is planned.
To Be Determined --  Letter Carrier's Food Drive 2014
Volunteers will be unloading and loading non-perishable food into the pantry from the vehicles of local Letter Carriers. Typically 50+ tons of food is donated in this one day event.

Detroit Harbor Light Bed and Bread Club Program

bed breadThe red and white Bed and Bread Club trucks make various stops throughout the city of Detroit, in the areas that demonstrate the most need.

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