Fun and Faith Club

Fun and Faith activities are scheduled quarterly. These multi-hour events are designed for kids from 3.5 years old through grade school. The events involve participants in praise and worship, Bible study, recreation and craft activities. There is a nominal fee for these events and pre-registration is appreciated.

For more information please contact the office at (248)585-5600 during regular hours.

Youth Group

Youth group is for students in 6th to 12th grade. We share fellowship, announcements, entertainment, prayer, devotional challenge, and worship.

We meet Sunday nights from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm down in the SAL Underground, which is located under "The SAL" community center.

Corps Cadets

bible bowl

BIBLE BOWL is for all 7th-12th graders that make a commitment to be involved in the Bible Study and Quizzing team.

Bible Bowl is an academic team game where teens match knowledge about a designated portion of scripture in a competitive arena. It will take many hours of study and memorization, as well as a good attitude and the ability to work as a team.

Bible Bowl is an alternative to the regular Corps Cadet "CrossTraining" program. A year of participating on a Bible Bowl team will count as one year of Corps Cadets.

If you like Youth Group but would like to go deeper in your understanding of God and His Word, Bible Bowl is for you.

We meet Tuesday nights at 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm in the SAL Underground.

Character Building Programs for Boys and Girls from ages 3.5 to 12th grade

The Salvation Army Character Building Program is a holistic Christian Education experience for boys and girls. The program is in a balanced environment for learning, developing, and caring that is age appropriate and Christ centered.

The program helps boys and girls to develop

  • Social and Communication Habits
  • Artistic Flare and Giftedness
  • Decision Making and Life Skills
  • Character and Leadership
  • To love God more

Encouraging boys and girls through a Biblical world view

  • Through prayers
  • Providing a sense of Personal Identity and Character
  • Christian Values and Biblical Principles
  • Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social Development

Age 3.5 to Kindergarten

The Salvation Army Moonbeam program is for boys and girls 3.5 yrs to Kindergarten.

Meetings are held on Thursday at 5:30 pm during the school year

Young Men and Young Women

The Adventure Corps program is Christian Education experience for boys. The Explorers programs is for boys in grades 1-5. The Rangers program is for boys in grades 6-12.

The Sunbeams program is a Christian Education experience for girls in grades 1-5.

The Girl Guards program is for girls in grades 6-12.

Meetings are held on Thursday at 5:30 pm during the school year

Bible Study

Bible study groups meet on Sunday for people of all ages.

  • Sunday 10:00 am Adult bible study group before Sunday church services
  • Sunday 5:00 pm Youth bible study group for middle school and high school students

Bible studies and small groups meet nearly every night of the week. Contact the office for help finding a group in your area.
(248) 585-5600

Fall 2013 Group Bible Study Lineup

Band Ministry

Our Corps uses a variety of musical genres in the Sunday morning worship experience. Any adults that are interested in participating or learning music will easily find instruction and fellowship with all of our groups. There is a band, choir, and worship team ready to welcome you!

Brass band instruction is provided in groups for students at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced capabilities.

Band activities are held Thursdays at 8:00 pm during the school year.


From traditional to gospel, a capella to contemporary, classic to new, the Songsters provide inspiration to our worship services and concerts. This versatile group is committed to using their talents to glorify God.

Cherubs is our young children's choir. Boys and girls ages 3.5 - kindergarten are welcome.

The Singing Company is our children's choir for grades 1-5. They often present musicals for Sunday morning worship services. Please visit our worship calendar to find out when the next performance will be. You won't want to miss it!

Youth Chorus is our teen choir for grades 6-12.

Choir activities are held Thursdays at 7:00 pm during the school year.

Men's Ministry

mens ministry

We want to help each other live out our faith daily. Our family, friends, and co-workers should see a difference in our lives by the way we live.

  • Have a quarterly Men's fellowship outing or event.
  • Provide opportunities for men to gather together to study God's word with a focus on issues that men face.

There is a men's BIBLE STUDY at the Church every Friday at 6:30 AM

Need suggestions for a Men's canoe trip this summer

Women's Ministry

womens ministry
Women's Weekly Bible Study Groups Meet On
  • Monday 7:00-800 PM and 8:00 to 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 10:00 AM to 12:00

Women's SCRAP BOOKING in the fellowship hall, on the 1st and 3rd week of the month


seniors ministry

SENIORS AT THE SAL is a weekly program that provides social interaction with learning activities. Lunch is usually a part of the activities. Fees vary according to the activity of the day.

For further information contact Jane Drake - (248)585-5600