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Our Greatest Need--2020:  RED KETTLE BELL RINGERS Image

Our Greatest Need--2020: RED KETTLE BELL RINGERS

Sign-up online, anytime.
Our greatest Christmastime need is VOLUNTEER Red Kettle ringers and groups.
Please claim some shifts -- http://bttr.im/m9kbu

Red Kettle Ringers

We have Red Kettles all over the county .. one near you!

And, it's easy to sign-up online to ring for us! -- (http://bttr.im/m9kbv)

WHY RING?  Because the coins, bills, checks, precious jewels and gold coins that

are dropped into Waukesha County Red Kettles .. DO ALL THIS:

Donate or volunteer at a Red Kettle in Waukesha County. Thank you!!


"Deserve Enthusiastic support"

"Year after year, the Waukesha Salvation Army's donors and volunteers accomplish an amazing amount of good in this county. They deserve our strong and enthusiastic support." (Waukesha County Executive, Paul Farrow)

We're inviting MANY MORE groups

and organizations to

ring for us in Waukesha County in 2020

Even if you hate Math, the numbers tell the tale:


50 locations for Red Kettles in Waukesha County

x 12 hours {Optimized Ringing 8am-8pm ... (if that's not possible, we'll do what we can!)

= 600 hours to fill EACH DAY countywide --  we need dozens of enthusiastic, reliable friendly ringers who consider this a calling

          x 6 days per week

          = 3,600 hours to fill countywide -- EVERY WEEK -- with volunteer ringers and volunteer groups

                   x  5 weeks campaign

                   = 18,000 hours to fill countywide --  every hour, of every day, we need a great ringer at our fifty Red Kettles

  • An unattended Red Kettle with no bell ringer attracts no attention, and collects virtually nothing. People walk right past it.
  • In the final weeks of the campaign, a Red Kettle that has a ringer all day long can bring in $1,000 to $4,000 per day.
  • Even if we targeted just the TOP 20% of Red Kettle locations (the ten best locations) we still need groups to fill 2,500 two-hour shifts.



We're asking all Waukesha County organizations to pitch in

=> Kiwanis

=> Lions

=> Rotary

=> Optimists

=> Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops

         . . . . . who else? . . . . .

=> Civic Associations

=> Chambers of Commerce

=> Church choir groups

=> Church lector and usher groups

=> Church human services committees and ministries

          . . . . . who else? . . . . .

=> Parochial high school religious education classes

=> Public high School clubs and organizations

=> School boards and teams of school administrators

=> Departments of county businesses and corporations

=> Corporate boards of directors

          . . . . . who else? . . . . .

=> Non-profit boards of directors

=> Leaders in county and municipal governments

=> Church councils

=> Plumber unions, electrician unions, teacher unions, masonry unions, government unions, other unions

=> Police, fire and EMS departments

          . . . . . who else? . . . . .

=> Banks and credit unions

=> Insurance companies and agencies

=> Investment and wealth management firms

=> Realtors and real estate agents

=> Car dealers, and more . . 


Please get organized, make the commitment, and HAVE FUN ringing Waukesha County Salvation Army Red Kettle Bells during shifts from November through Christmas Eve Day!

Please contact volunteer coordinator, Carissa Cornwell, at 262-547-7367 ext 231  or email carissa.cornwell@usc.salvationarmy.org

OR SIGN-UP ONLINE:  http://bttr.im/m9kbu



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