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Each and Every Human Life Is a Gift

Freedom from Fear and Violence

We fight human trafficking by helping survivors build their lives
in a way that is empowering and meaningful to them.

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More than 900 women and men are on sale for commercial sex each month in Nebraska.

Even if you don't see it, human trafficking is happening all around us, perhaps even in your own community.

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Human trafficking is the exploitation of a person for compelled labor or a commercial sex act through force, fraud or coercion.

Those who have been trafficked work for an individual who has either tricked them or used threats against the survivor or someone the survivor cares about in order to get them to engage in sexual activity or forced labor. Money, favors, drugs or other items of value are exchanged for these services, but typically the survivor sees little to no profit for their work. In the case of sex trafficking, often traffickers promise a romantic relationship to lead women and men into sex work for their own personal gain.

The Salvation Army's Fight to End Trafficking
Program Mission

To help survivors of all forms of trafficking
build their lives in a way that is
empowering and meaningful to them.


The Salvation Army's Fight to End Trafficking (SAFE-T) program supports survivors of trafficking throughout Nebraska by offering comprehensive case management to help them reach their life goals. In partnership with the Nebraska Attorney General's Office, the SAFE-T program oversees the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force through a joint initiative funded through the Department of Justice. As the lead service provider, we collaborate with an array of community agencies that understand the basic dynamics of trafficking and can help solve problems and meet survivors' needs.

The SAFE-T program currently has offices with specialists in Omaha and at the Grand Island and North Platte corps to provide services across the state of Nebraska. We also provide technical assistance to corps in South Dakota and western Iowa and can help support or facilitate individuals in those states who wish to move toor return to Nebraska.

We provide resources such as emergency or long-term housing, food, clothing, emotional support and counseling, healthcare, drug and alcohol treatment, childcare, transportation, help navigating the immigration system, education and employment opportunities, legal assistance, and help setting goals.

Immediate help

If you believe you have been trafficked and would like to learn more about our services, please call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 and request to speak with a SAFE-T staff member in Nebraska.

For more information about SAFE-T, please call 402-898-4768.

OVC Grant Number 2015-VT-BX-K016

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You can fight for justice and help trafficking survivors.

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Spread the Word

Turn your passion into action. Share these facts with your friends and
followers to educate and inspire change.

Slavery still exists every day in America.

Your donation provides funding for programs that help people escape human trafficking.

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Survivors of human trafficking suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Your donation provides funding for programs that support the overall health and healing of survivors.

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Homelessness, job loss and addiction are just a few of the challenges human trafficking survivors face.

Your donation will help provide survivors with the resources they need to get back on their feet again.

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