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Because There's No Place Like Home

Because There's No Place Like Home

We provide safe, comfortable housing and resources needed
not just to survive, but ultimately to thrive.

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Nationally, more than half a million Americans experience homelessness on any given night of the year.

About 15 percent of this number is comprised of "chronically homeless" individuals, those who have been homeless for at least a year while living with a disabling condition.

Cities and towns in Nebraska, South Dakota and western Iowa are all experiencing a dramatic shortage of affordable housing options.

As the gap between income and housing opportunities continues to grow, more and more people will face homelessness. We provide emergency shelters and transitional housing to meet short-term needs, and permanent supportive housing to help those struggling with longer-term needs. The goal in each case is to offer options and support, with the ultimate goal being the transition to independent living.

The Salvation Army of Nebraska, South Dakota & Western Iowa helps to overcome homelessness through:

Permanent supportive housing

We know that multiple factors contribute to homelessness, including mental illness, addiction, joblessness and lack of education. This is why, along with a safe, welcoming place to live, we also offer programs that help individuals and families learn budgeting and other life skills, secure stable employment, and manage mental illness and other challenges. And because older adults are particularly vulnerable to poverty, homelessness and isolation, we provide housing and support programs specifically designed to foster social connections, engage minds and improve the overall quality of life of those in their later years.

Transitional housing

Often individuals and families struggling with homelessness simply need a short-term respite to help them get back on their feet again. In addition to providing a place to live, our transitional housing programs offer resources like employment assistance, work/life classes, substance abuse assessments and mental health counseling. Those struggling with homelessness receive the support and gain the skills and knowledge they need to thrive independently. Veterans, who are among the most vulnerable, benefit from our housing programs that are designed specifically for their needs.

Emergency shelter

Those of us blessed to live in a home of our own often don't think twice about having a safe place to sleep, nutritious meals to sustain us or a hot shower to refresh us, but that's not the case for those struggling to survive on the street. Our emergency shelters offer a haven for those with no place to turn, providing a safe space, a warm meal, a hot shower and a comfortable bed, small luxuries we might take for granted but are lifesaving for many.

You can help give a good night's sleep to someone in need.


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Homelessness often goes hand in hand with addiction, mental illness and unemployment.

A donation to The Salvation Army funds transitional housing programs that offer those struggling with homelessness the support services they need to live independently again.

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What we might take for granted, like a hot shower or a comfortable bed, others consider luxuries.

A donation to The Salvation Army funds emergency shelters that provide a safe haven to those struggling to survive.

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Other Ways We Meet Needs