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Hope is Greater Than Fear

Hope is Greater Than Fear

Whether it’s a large-scale natural disaster like the widespread flooding that impacted parts of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota in 2019 or a personal tragedy like a house fire, we help survivors find relief, comfort and hope.

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Natural disasters are increasing in intensity and frequency and in some cases result in billions of dollars in losses each year.

The Salvation Army is here to help survivors of natural and personal disasters by providing food and hydration, emergency shelter, material assistance and emotional and spiritual support.

Our First Mission in a Disaster Is to Meet Basic Needs.

During the Flood of 2019, Salvation Army officers, staff and volunteers from Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and beyond rallied to assist those who had lost everything. From food and material goods to financial assistance and emotional support, The Salvation Army helps where help is most needed.

We help disaster survivors by providing:

Emergency shelter

We provide clean, safe shelter for survivors in our worship and service centers, as well as in local churches, schools and other temporary facilities. When the best option is a short-term hotel stay, we cover the bill. Individuals and families can rest and be cared for as they figure out their next steps.

Materials, cleanup and restoration

We help meet the physical needs of people who have lost virtually everything by providing clothing, personal hygiene items, household goods and more. We also aid the clean-up and restoration process by distributing cleanup kits and supplies, coordinating volunteer rebuilding teams and establishing warehouses for the distribution of material goods.

Food and hydration

Food and water are usually the greatest need for survivors and relief workers impacted by a disaster. Food is prepared and served at a nearby Salvation Army worship or service center or on location in one of our mobile kitchens. We also set up meal stations near busy work sites or in community buildings where neighbors and volunteers gather for counseling and support.

Emotional and spiritual care

Many who have been impacted by a disaster are comforted by prayer and spiritual counseling. Others simply need someone to listen. Our officers – most of whom are ordained clergy -- offer a “ministry of presence” and are a source of solace and hope for those reeling from a tragedy.

You can help disaster recovery efforts.


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Survivors of natural disasters like tornados and floods often emerge with just the clothes on their backs.

A donation to The Salvation Army supports disaster survivors not only with food and water, but also with emergency housing, material assistance, cleanup and restoration.

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Spiritual and emotional support are an important but often overlooked component of disaster recovery.

A donation to The Salvation Army supports the counselors and clergy who come alongside those who are suffering or grieving in the aftermath of a disaster.

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Other Ways We Meet Needs