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Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty Image

Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty

In 2017, 960 local students who met income eligibility and pre-registered received supplies for school from Back to School Fond du Lac.

Our youth programs reinforce God's love as they deliver life lessons

Opportunity awaits young people in our youth programs:  opportunity to grow in self- awareness, dream of all that's possible for them, realize their abilities, and create the path to make their dream real. Programs include:  summer camp, music lessons, practical skill-building and creative hobbies, and an archery program.  We furnish transportation, meals and the items/equipment needed.

Looking for ways to keep the kids busy during the "Stay At Home" orders? We are sharing our youth programming and Sunday School activities for Preschool, Elementary and Preteen Children. 

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How we help empower youth


Youth Summer Camp at Army Lake Camp
Army Lake Camp is 200 acres of campground staffed with a well-trained team, dedicated to providing young people opportunity to run, jump, play music, sing, sport, and enjoy good times with God!  A variety of camping options are spread throughout the summer and include Junior Camp (9-12 yrs), Teen Camp (13-17 yrs), Kids Camp (6-8 yrs.), Music Camp (9+ yrs.), Sports Camp (9-12 yrs.) & Outdoor Camp (13-17 yrs.). The Salvation Army camping experience isn't just for children there's a family camp too!

Pre-registration is required. Contact us for more details.

Summer Vacation Bible School
Young people, grades K-5. Join us August 3-7. Contact us for details!

Summer Brown Bag Lunches
Click Here to learn more about the Brown Bag Lunch Program

School Year (September - June)

Back to School Fond du Lac
To learn more, go to backtoschoolfdl.org

School Year Youth Programs
Join us Weds nights for food, games, worship, and learning!

Contact us for details!

Character Building Programs

Our Salvation Army corps community center offers Fond du Lac County religious and character-building programs as Sunday school, youth troops, music classes, athletics, and sporting events, arts and crafts, etc.  We mentor and educate to encourage character and life skills development. We hope the disadvantaged children and teens we serve see and seize the possibility of a better life. 

Our youth enrichment programs are offered hand-in-hand with other family services that promote positive living. By offering helpful alternatives and hope, The Salvation Army shows the different life paths available and helps young people and families believe they can pursue a dream and succeed.

Programs we offer:

  • Moonbeams for girls and boys in pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Sunbeams for girls in grades 1-5
  • Girl Guards for girls in grades 6-12
  • Adventure Corps for boys in grades 1-5
  • Ranger Program for boys in grades 6-12


Please ask us for more information.

Equipping children with school supplies is a financial burden each year.  For parents struggling just to feed their families, it's a nightmare.
The Salvation Army's rich tradition of helping children with back to school supplies began in 1989 with a program we called 'Operation Back to School' and continues through our partnership with the community in Back to School Fond du Lac

We've taken our interest in helping students to the school counselors and regularly meet to ask what more need they see throughout the school year.  Counselors told us, children, come to school in the dead of winter in need of socks; we created a sock drive to help.  Our relationship is ongoing, helping us respond to students and their parents more effectively.  We connect students with Salvation Army Camps, enroll them in our archery classes, and help parents get critical resources.  For one single mom of four who came to us on referral from a school, it's made all the difference.  She and her children were homeless and sleeping in her van; we enrolled her in Pathway of Hope and it lead to full-time employment and a home of their own. "Thank you for what you've done for my family" was on the handwritten note her young son gave us.