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We combat natural disasters with acts of God Image

We combat natural disasters with acts of God

Disasters of incredible magnitude call for people of incredible generosity.

Insured losses due to natural disasters in the United States total about $15 billion a year.

When tragedy strikes in your community, remember that The Salvation Army is on the scene, alongside fire, police and rescue personnel.

How we help disaster survivors


The Salvation Army began offering assistance to disaster survivors after a major hurricane hit Galveston, TX in September 1900, destroying the coastal city and killing thousands of people.

Since then, The Salvation Army has responded to numerous natural disasters, transportation accidents, civil unrest situations, and terrorist attacks.

By providing beverages, meals, and emotional and spiritual care to first responders and survivors, The Salvation Army strives to bring hope and healing to people who find themselves in the midst of extremely difficult situations.

The Best Way to Help
During disasters, the best way you can help survivors is to contribute financially. Cash donations allow disaster responders to immediately meet the specific needs of disaster survivors without incurring many of the costs associated with sorting, packing, transporting and distributing donated goods. Salvation Army disaster services are funded entirely by donors, and The Salvation Army uses 100% of all disaster donations in support of disaster relief operations.

Want to Volunteer?
The Salvation Army has opportunities for you to serve in times of disaster with volunteer teams. We provide training across a wide range of volunteer support services and keep you connected with your local Salvation Army for updated information.

Local or national disaster volunteers must participate in training.

Training courses include classes in:

  • Incident management
  • Canteen operations
  • Foodservice
  • Emotional and spiritual care
  • Basic first aid
  • CPR training

Click here to find training opportunities in your area.

What Disasters Do You Respond To?

Visit our national newsroom to see our recent disaster responses.

Chaplaincy Program

The Salvation Army Chaplaincy Program is a partnership between The Salvation Army Milwaukee County and the Milwaukee Police Department. Read more here.