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We love because God loved us first Image

We love because God loved us first

The Salvation Army provides spiritual services to anyone God brings across our path.

Sharing Gods Love with the Community

The Salvation Army Oak Creek provides many ways to worship. Join us!



Come be a part of something.  If you are looking for a place to worship we would love to meet you and have you become a part of our church family.  If you are a long way from your own church home let us fill that void for you.  Our passion is for sharing the love of Jesus to all who enter our sanctuary.

Worship Services: Sunday, 10:30 AM

Adult Sunday School: Sunday, 9:00 AM


You don't even need to be a member of our church to attend any of our weekly activities:

Youth Character Building Programs: Wednesday, 4:30 PM
Similar to scouting programs, kids work through various life-skill building lessons to develop good character and learn more about Jesus along the way.

Family Night Community Meal: Wednesday, 5:15 PM
Come and have a high-quality meal prepared by those with a passion for food and people.  

Adult Bible Study: Wednesday, 6:00 PM
Are you looking to understand the Bible in a real and life-changing way? come and be a part of our Bible Study every Wednesday night.

Bible Study for Youth: Wednesday, 6:00 PM
Young people these days are constantly bombarded with pressure from all sides, we offer a Bible study for young people so they can be recharged and renewed for their own day to day struggles.

Women's Bible Study: Tuesday, 10:00 AM
Women juggle so much in their lives and we know that.  It is hard to find time for one more thing but we can assure you that taking this time during your week with other women who may be experiencing the same frustrations or even joys could recharge your batteries. Take time to discover all that God has to offer through study of His Word and fellowship with others. 


The Salvation Army is known for many things and the brass band is one of them.  If you are interested in learning an instrument or you already know how to play but have no outlet here is your opportunity.  

Junior Brass Band Rehearsal: Wednesday, 6:00 PM
Jr. Band isn't just for young people. If you are a beginner or just pulled your horn out of storage and you just don't have your chops back yet you can sit in with this group.  If you have the desire to help young people learn and get ready to take the next step to our Senior band we could always use your help.

Senior Brass Band Rehearsal: Wednesday, 6:00 PM
So many people learned to play the horn but found as they got older they gave it up.  Is this you?  We would love to see what you got and would love to give you your "voice" back so to speak.  What better way to minister than through the gift of music?