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Children Are Our Future

Children Are Our Future

That's why we provide fun, enriching opportunities
for children of all ages to learn and thrive.

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Low-income students are most likely to fall behind their expected grade level.

Our youth development programs close the gap by not only offering tutoring and homework help but also recreational opportunities to learn skills and make friends.

Many Omaha children today face a number of threats and challenging circumstances, including poverty, broken homes, violence and a lack of positive role models in their lives.

We provide safe places throughout the metro for kids and teenagers to gather during after-school hours and school breaks. Diverse programming like sports teams, music groups, art classes, homework help, character-building activities, and overnight and day camps ensures that our youth have the chance to reach their full potential.

The Salvation Army of Omaha helps empower youth through:

After-school programs

Across America, 1 out of 5 kids is alone and unsupervised from 3 to 6 p.m. Our after-school programs at the Omaha Kroc Center, Citadel Worship & Service Center and North Worship & Service Center keep youth engaged by providing a safe place to socialize and gain help with homework and reading. At the same time, parents can rest easy at work, knowing their children are safe and well cared for after school is dismissed.

Sports, arts and music programs

Teens involved in our Blackhawks basketball team face off against teams around the Midwest, while at the Kroc Center, young people of all ages explore a wealth of activities to meet their individual passions. Dance, drawing, pottery, music and acting are just some of the classes available as well as soccer, basketball and flag football leagues. Over at the Citadel Worship & Service Center, youth of all ages participate in a variety of music programs. Many of the children and teens who participate in these programs would not otherwise have access to such opportunities, which ultimately help them grow to become empowered adults.

Summer camps

Day camps and overnight summer camps offer an appealing array of physical activities like swimming and archery that help kids stay active while exploring God's world, along with educational activities like art and music that keep their minds engaged. The Western Plains Camp offers a number of overnight camp opportunities, including music and sports camps, for kids and teens in first through 12th grades, as well as a starter day camp for young children. The Omaha Kroc Center and North Corps both offer day camps during the summer and over spring and winter breaks. Kids enjoy arts and crafts, sports, local field trips, drama, science projects and outdoor activities, plus nutritious snacks and meals.

Character-building programs

We offer programming at our Omaha-area worship centers specifically geared toward kids to help them build character and gain the skills to flourish, like the Council Bluffs Trailblazers program. Children and teens in pre-K through 12th grade develop strong communication and leadership skills, grow their minds, and explore God's Word, all while having fun and connecting with their peers in a safe, nurturing environment.

You can help give every child opportunities to thrive.

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Low-income students are most likely to fall behind their expected grade level.

A donation to The Salvation Army supports youth development programs that provide an enriching environment for kids while school is out.

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1 out of 5 kids in America is alone and unsupervised between 3 and 6 p.m.

A donation to The Salvation Army supports after-school programs, where kids can get help with their homework and connect with their peers in a safe environment.

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Many kids don't have the opportunity to explore nature or enjoy outdoor activities.

A donation to The Salvation Army supports summer camps for youth who might otherwise not enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, archery and hiking.

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Other Ways We Meet Needs