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Need Is in Every Neighborhood

Need Is in Every Neighborhood

We offer programs that provide food, housing and material assistance
and stop the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

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More than 14% of residents in Omaha live below the poverty level.

Chances are you know at least one friend, colleague, neighbor or family member who is struggling to make ends meet.

Sometimes poverty is in plain sight, but often the day-to-day struggles individuals and families face are unseen.

We provide short- and long-term assistance and solutions to alleviate both the obvious and not-so-obvious impact of poverty. We also work to identify and address the root issues that cause poverty like addiction, homelessness, mental illness, job loss, lack of education and many other factors.

The Salvation Army of Omaha helps overcome poverty through:

Pathway of Hope

The goal of Pathway of Hope is to guide families with children 18 years and younger through crisis and instability to a place of security in order to ultimately break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. The program offers a strengths-based casework approach and provides services including financial counseling and planning, job training and referrals, assistance with housing, and spiritual support. Pathway of Hope works with Omaha and Council Bluffs families where they are, helping lay out a practical plan to meet achievable goals. For more information, call 402-898-5947.

Material assistance and seasonal services

A parent shouldn't have to choose between filling a child's prescription and paying the electric bill, but sadly, these are often the choices that people living in poverty are forced to make. Our material assistance programs bridge the gap and provide fresh and canned food, clothing and household items, and assistance paying for prescription medications and utilities bills. Seasonal services offer necessities like summer fans that bring relief on a sweltering day, backpacks filled with school supplies for kids returning to the classroom, and toys and meal vouchers for families at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Learn more about material assistance and seasonal services at the Burrows Center.


More than 12% of individuals in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro experience food insecurity, meaning they do not consistently know where their next meal will come from. Food insecurity rates reach as high as 48.5% in areas of north and south Omaha. We are working diligently to address this critical problem by offering multiple food programs in Omaha, including the Burrows Center food pantry, mobile food distribution services, and meal programs for children, adults and the elderly. Learn more about how you can cure hunger in the Omaha metro.


The lack of affordable housing in the Omaha area results in more than 1,400 people in the metro who are homeless on any given day. Our transitional and permanent supportive housing programs address this need and offer specialized housing for veterans and older adults struggling with homelessness. Our goal is that every man, woman and child in our community has a safe place to call home. Learn more about how you can provide housing for those in need.

A Way to Work

A Way to Work program provides foundational support to homeless individuals in our community by employing them in the city’s greenhouses and parks. Participants learn valuable skills such as how to be a team player and show up for work on time. The program also offers lunch each workday, transportation, counseling and resume building. Graduates of the program will receive a letter of recommendation and may also have the opportunity for future employment with the City of Omaha’s Parks and Recreation Department.

You can help fight poverty one person at a time.


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1 in 5 children in Nebraska don't have enough to eat.

A donation to The Salvation Army provides nutritious food to those who are hungry.

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A parent shouldn't have to choose between filling their child's prescription and paying the electric bill.

A donation to The Salvation Army helps those struggling to climb out of poverty.

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Approximately 6,500 Omahans are homeless at some point every year.

A donation to The Salvation Army brings us one step closer to ensuring that every person has a safe place to call home.

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