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Hope Can be Found, Even in the Midst of Disaster

Hope Can be Found, Even in the Midst of Disaster

From large-scale disasters like a tornado or flood to more personal tragedies
like a house fire, we help survivors on the path back to normalcy

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As severe weather intensifies across the country, insured losses continue to increase exponentially every year, totally billions of dollars each year.

Due to the growing intensity of weather events, many of us here in the Omaha metro may be one tornado, flood or blizzard away from a disaster.

When we are called to the scene of a disaster, our first aim is to meet the basic needs of both survivors and first responders.

Locally, nationally and globally, The Salvation Army helps survivors recover from the havoc wreaked by a disaster and ensure that no matter what, you are never alone. In addition to providing food, hydration, material assistance and emergency shelter, we also offer a "ministry of presence," coming alongside those who are suffering, grieving and reeling from shock by offering prayer and spiritual counseling when it is desired.

The Salvation Army of Omaha helps disaster survivors through:

Food and hydration

Food and water is usually the greatest need for survivors and relief workers at the scene of a disaster. Food is prepared and served at a nearby Salvation Army worship or service center or on location via one of our mobile kitchens. We also set up meal stations near busy work sites or in community buildings where neighbors and volunteers gather for counseling and support.

Emergency shelter

In survivors' time of greatest need, we provide clean, safe shelter in our worship and service centers, as well as in local churches, schools and other temporary facilities. When the best option is a short-term hotel stay, we cover the bill. Individuals and families can rest and be cared for as they figure out their next steps.

Materials, cleanup and restoration

Disaster survivors often emerge from a tragedy without the resources to sustain them. We help meet the physical needs of people who have lost virtually everything by providing clothing, personal hygiene items, household goods and more. When facing the daunting task of cleanup and long-term restoration, we distribute cleanup kits and supplies, coordinate volunteer rebuilding teams, and establish warehouses for reconstruction supplies, often being the last relief workers to leave a disaster area.

Emotional and spiritual care

Many who have been impacted by a disaster are comforted by prayer and spiritual counseling. Our counselors, many of whom are ordained as clergy, are a source of solace and hope for those reeling from a tragedy. Sometimes something as simple as calming hand on a survivor's shoulder can bridge the gap between despair and hope in the direst circumstances.

You can help disaster recovery efforts.


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The Salvation Army is among the first to respond to local disasters as well as those throughout the U.S. and around the world.

A donation to The Salvation Army helps survivors navigate the long road from chaos back to normalcy.

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Spiritual and emotional support are an important but often overlooked component of disaster recovery.

A donation to The Salvation Army supports the counselors and clergy who come alongside those who are suffering or grieving in the aftermath of a disaster.

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